Viceroy Appliance Spares and Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find model number – See our guide: how to find your model number

I cannot remove the child lock on my Viceroy ceramic hob – First always refer to your manufacturer’s instruction book. If you are unable to find it then two possible methods of unlocking are as follows:-

  • You need to use the symbols on the touch control panel to unlock your hob.
    • The four control area’s will be flashing and displaying the symbol ‘L’
    • Press both the MINUS ( - ) and PLUS ( + ) symbol of the FRONT RIGHT HAND control area AT THE SAME TIME.
    • Remove contact and then PRESS the MINUS ( - ) symbol. ALL THE ABOVE MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 10 SECONDS.
  • If the procedure has been successful MINUS ( - ) symbols will be displayed in all zones.
  • If ‘L’ remains repeat the above.

My Viceroy oven won’t switch on and there is an ‘Auto’ symbol in the timer display – Firstly always refer to your instruction book. If you are unable to find it then the method of resetting to the manual mode is as follows:-

  • If the MAIN OVEN has no light and the oven fan not operating you are probably in the AUTOMATIC mode.
  • There will be six buttons beneath your timer, from the LEFT counting towards the right press and hold both the SECOND and THIRD buttons together.
  • Whilst still pressing these buttons, use the PLUS ( + ) and MINUS ( - ) buttons to adjust to the correct time of day.
  • Release all buttons and the display should now show the correct time of day.
  • Switch on the main oven and the light and fan should operate as normal.

The cooling fan on my Viceroy oven stays on, even though the oven is not working – The cooling fan will remain on under the following two conditions, once a delayed cooking period is set and secondly after a general cooking use until the surrounding temperature of the oven has reduced to an acceptable level. This could well be in the region of 30 minutes plus before the cooling fan switches off.

My glass door shattered with a loud bang – these are generally isolated incidents but the glass is specially toughened and is designed to fragment safely into many small cubes rather than sharp shards. The glass can be weakened for many different reasons such as a knock or scratches to the surface. Always ensure you use non abrasive materials when cleaning.

How often should I change the filters in my Viceroy extractor – There are two types of filter these being a grease filter which collects any fats and a carbon filter which extracts food smells.

  • Metal grease filters should be washed frequently with warm soapy water. DO NOT put in a dishwasher as they can discolour.
  • Disposable cloth or paper filters which should be changed before they become clogged or in the case of a type which has an indicator marking, when the markings fade.
  • Carbon filters are only required if you cannot duct through an external wall and therefore the extractor is used by re-circulating the air. For normal use they should be changed every 6 months or once the smells are not being neutralised.

My extractor display flashes between 1 & F or 1 & A –

  • On the extractor models listed the display may flash a warning message as above :  VSH600SS / VSH900SS / VPA600SS
  • If your display is flashing between 1 & F this is to advise the Grease Filter in this appliance needs cleaning.
  • If your display is flashing between 1 & A this is to advise the Carbon Filters in this appliance need changing.


I have a nasty smell coming from my fridge – this can occur for example if milk is spilt inside the fridge and it travels down the drain hole and collects in the drip tray. We recommend using a small amount of neutralising fluid liquid poured down the drain hole, which is particularly helpful if your appliance is built in.